Knot Your Average Tee with Hanes


I've loved living life colorfully from the beginning. My mom always leaned to the beiges, nudes and cremes of the world, but I gravitated to bright bold color and prints. My first college dorm room was ripe with pops of red, pink and yellow and little has changed, despite my tastes evolving over the years. I was so excited when Hanes wanted to partner with me on a blog post, because I've been wearing Hanes since I was a kid. Even better, they've really ramped up their colors & styles and it's so much more that your basic white tee. Hanes has adorable and versatile silhouettes that are cute, comfy & stylish. One of my favorite color combinations for fall is red, light blue and pops of bright yellow! I paired my new favorite midi skirt from H&M with the Hanes Women's Live.Love.Color tee in Vintage Blue. To modernize the look, I knotted the tee and added quirky touches like ice cream cone earrings & my unique new Acne pumps thrifted from the Buffalo Exchange. And yes, my underwear are Hanes. They're the Women's Cotton Boybriefs in a lovely royal blue, the perfect canvas for a colorful look! Shop the Hanes Lookbook here 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Hanes whose undies & more I adore <3 


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Simply gorgeous, your images are perfect x

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